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Ruby on Rails Web Developer

at Querii in Shhhh...   —   Mar 29, 2014   |  
Querii is a startup which is focusing on developing an ecommerce marketplace and a new way to find and buy products online. We’re growing fast and looking for talented, ambitious, and technically inclined individuals to grow with us. We’re recruiting playmakers – those who cause pivotal and dramatic growth in company, product, and society. Join us early and help shape the next big thing.
We are seeking developers to help engineer and build our products. Experience and strong interest with web application development is a must. LAMP, Rails, Python we’re not picky – but a mastery in your toolkit of choice is required. This is a technical lead position, so as we grow you will be managing an increasing number of developers and designers. In the beginning, we’ll provide the front-end designs and you’ll engineer the back-end. We’re looking for a reliable person who understands the fundamentals of web application development, business, and organizational development. Above all, we are looking for someone who has a strong interest in working with a startup and building great products.
An advanced understanding of computer science/programming
Experience developing web applications with LAMP, Rails, etc...
An obsession with design, functionality, and usability of products
Intellectual curiosity and an insatiable appetite for progress
Strong coding discipline, creativity, and strong problem solving skills
Proficiency playing one or more gaming systems and are capable of having obscene amounts of fun
We’re not fans of cover letters or resumes, they’re really only starting points. We want you to tell us who you are and what you can bring to our team. We care more about what you have done than what you are getting your degree in. If you’re interested, answer the five questions below in 50 words or less each as your “cover letter,” attach your resume for good measure and any samples of your work if you have them, submit them or any questions you have to, and we’ll be in touch.
REMEMBER: no right answers, just give it your best shot
1. Why do you want to work at a startup?
2. What are you passionate about?/What is your muse?/What makes you tick?
3. What cool projects have you worked on?
4. What is your dream job? (e.g. the founders of Querii want to be chefs)
5. Let’s play a game: You and 100 friends are each told to choose a number between 1 and 100. The winner of the game will be the individual who selected the number closest to 2/3 of the average of all the numbers selected. Which number would you pick and why? Is there anything wrong with this game?
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