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Ruby on Rails developer needed at the "Pandora for Wine"

at WineTamer in San Francisco, CA   —   Apr 02, 2014   |  
We are a new start-up based in San Francisco looking for a lead developer. We are building the "Pandora for Wine." If you like challenges and free wine, we have plenty of both.

As the Lead Developer at WineTamer, you will be responsible for all website and application builds (from mobile apps to social site integrations). You will be the core of the engineering team that we will build around.
Develop new features for our existing site and scale it from Alpha to GA
Develop/oversee website front-end, mobile applications, and Facebook integrations (until we hire additional developers we will outsource to supplement you)
Build the foundation for all development (e.g., set-up development and testing environments, configure testing software, etc.)
Establish testing policies and software and lead system integration and testing
5+ years web development experience, coding in Java, preferably with knowledge of Apache Wicket, Guice, Maven, Spring JDBC templates, and Jetty servlet container
Ruby on Rails experience (although our alpha was developed in Java, we’ll likely transition to Ruby shortly)
Expertise in rich front-end development (prefer JQuery and YUI grids experience)
Good eye for front-end design
Mobile application development and social networking API (e.g., Facebook Connect) experience preferred
MYSQL experience
Experience integrating and de-duping structured and unstructured data from multiple sources, including crawlers, XML feeds from thousands of partners, etc.
Practical outlook and belief in iterating quickly
• Bachelor degree in Computer Science
Cash and equity
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