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at Pelican Imaging Corporation in Santa Clara, CA   —   Jul 16, 2014   |  
The Senior Graphics Engineer position requires a creative engineering leader with an advanced understanding of rendering techniques, capable of generating high quality production software. Applicants must be able to take generalized and specific algorithms into the realm of optimal offline and real-time implementations with a portfolio of experience as evidence. You must also be an efficient communicator, working across multiple teams to deliver state of the art visualization of machine vision 3D content on a variety of platforms (Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, etc.).
As a senior engineer, you’ll be a key player in bringing Pelican’s cutting-edge technology to market. You’ll be responsible for synthesizing Pelican’s internal software, along with middleware, into a cohesive software stack. Your efforts will not only result in both B2B and D2C products, you will be called upon to deliver demos, as well as sample applications to ship with our SDK. This role also encompasses support of our research staff with in-house tools, helping move Pelican’s light field camera technology to the next level.
This team delivers high-quality production software to Smartphone OEMs. You will work closely with a highly skilled, multidisciplinary team of engineers.
First and foremost, be intellectually honest and an exceptional problem solver
8+ years of programming experience
Work diligently to achieve balance between well-crafted architectures and practical compromises
Work well in collaborative environments
Own what you do, and be product oriented
Have the knowledge and skills to effectively utilize software design patterns
Strong working knowledge of the fundamental mathematics behind computer graphics/machine vision (Linear Algebra, vector math, matrices, projection)
5+ years of real-time graphics experience in at least one major graphics APIs (OpenGL/OpenGL ES/GLSL, DirectX/HLSL/Cg, or similar)
Experience in Computational Geometry (NURBS, Subdivision Surfaces, Progressive Meshes)
Strong optimization skills, either in a shader language (GLSL, Cg, HLSL, RenderMan) or some form of assembly (ARM, Intel, MIPS, NEON, SSE/AVX)
Strong in C++
Good understanding of memory and their hierarchies (bandwidth, latency, cache, GDDR, L2, texture cache)
Can work in Linux, Mac, and Windows environments
MS/BS in Computer Science, or equivalent
Experience with Compute, particularly GPUs (CUDA, OpenCL, GPGPU with GLSL/Cg), or vector/multicore programming techniques and multithreading
Knowledge of scene graphs and other 3D management systems (Octree, Bounding Sphere, Collada, X3D)
Developed tools associated with Max or Maya, with Max Script an even bigger plus
Game Industry background
Experience shipping products as an Android/iOS graphics or application developer
An understanding of Imaging Processing
JavaScript/Web GL
A GIT Guru
Good with command line tools
Hobbyist photographer
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