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Funding1M-5M USD
IndustryGames, Mobile, Web 2.0, Location, Entertainment
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Senior Backend Engineer, Web Services

at Tapulous in Palo Alto, CA   —   Jul 16, 2014   |  
Tapulous is looking to hire a world-class Senior Backend Engineer with experience building large-scale social networks and platforms, as well as the apps and services that run on them.

Our business is expanding and we need a world-class Senior Backend Engineer to complement our team. You will take responsibility for building and maintaining our highly-scalable mobile social gaming platform, the backbone of Tapulous’ music-centric gaming network and broader family of iPhone applications. As we grow, you will help us to navigate the next series of scale challenges and will work closely with our iPhone client team to deliver compelling new features and products.

You will be joining a fun, hardworking, and highly motivated engineering team that prides itself on a scrappy, can-do attitude. We enjoy working on big new products and features, but also take pleasure in polishing and fixing bugs in existing software.
Participating in our weekly process, loosely based on Scrum methodology, which includes setting goals, working towards completing them, keeping the team apprised of your progress, and showing off what you’ve accomplished at week’s end
Working on the server-side pieces of new features in our games and applications, which could include any number of cool things to do with location, social networks (ours and 3rd party networks like Twitter and Facebook), music, user generated content, RSS feeds & mailing lists, and personalized content like feeds, messages, avatars, etc.
Proactively working to improve our overall architecture and to take advantage of new technology that enable us to do more, have it cost us less, and have our reliability continue to improve
Rapidly addressing issues that crop up as we deploy new features, new hardware, or as our active user base continues to grow at a quick clip
Several years experience as a backend engineer for a social consumer web site of significant scale. You will have either grown with that company from the beginning, or spent time learning from a larger team about what makes for an effectively scaleable operation
Excited about working in a fast-moving, high-profile start-up. You’ll be writing code that will ship within weeks to millions of people. That means there are times where there are less predictable work hours, and problems that require more inventiveness to make up for somewhat fewer resources. If you have Macgyver-like tendencies, we’ll put them to good use
Familiarity with a LAMP stack, even if you have most recently been working in other languages (Ruby, Python, LISP, Java, etc.), or on other platforms
Experience with MySQL tuning, software load balancing, memcached, and/or unit testing frameworks
Familiarity with open APIs for social networks and identity (Facebook, Twitter, OpenSocial, OpenID), as well as Amazon Web Services (EC2), Google AppEngine, or other cloud computing systems
Bachelors Degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience (preferred)
This job is based in our downtown Palo Alto office, which is 2 minutes walk from the Caltrain. We are surrounded by dozens of shops, restaurants, and bars. Our retail location means that fans drop in every day to say hi, sign our guest book and tell us what they’d like us to focus on next. For employees who commute via Caltrain, we provide 3G cards.
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