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Senior Core Services Engineer

at AMA Exec Search in UK   —   Jul 07, 2014   |  
My client, a leading ESN is seeking talented engineers to join their Core Services team. You'll be expected to build stable, robust systems to support a diverse and rapidly evolving feature set. The Core Services team builds back-end services to offload components that require maximum scalability, low latency and high availability from the primary front end application. The team works on few public-facing services. Instead they focus on critical back-end components like messaging, search, activities and real-time notifications. They discuss topics like eventual consistency, leader election, automatic failover, end-to-end latency and inverted indices.

Engineers here believe the things that separate a great engineer from a merely adequate one are passions and goals, character and personality, not specific technical skills. Engineering is here to move the business forward. Engineers whose personal passions are aligned with what we're trying to accomplish are the ones most likely to be happy here and to help us succeed.

Stuff they have built:

- You will have the ability to adapt and have a knack for solving a broad range of problems using a wide array of technologies.
- Have experience building and operating scalable, distributed systems. We serve more than 4 million users (and growing…rapidly) with no patience for slow, flaky services when it comes to the tools they need to do their job.
- Have experience in developing REST-based web services. Sound API design and knowledge of HTTP principles is vital to providing robust, easily consumed services for the rest of the company.
Help build and maintain the company's back-end services.
Integrate their Rails app with these services.
Identify scaling bottlenecks and propose solutions.
Contribute to open-source distributed data stores.
Research, test, benchmark and evaluate new technology.
Solve the types of mysteries which only occur at high scale.
Java (including Jersey)
Ruby (including Rails)
Scaling web applications
Distributed systems
Other things we use:
Nginx & Unicorn
Very Competitive plus benefits plus bonus
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