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IndustryMobile, Web 2.0, Software, Social Networking
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Mobile Product Manager

at Fueled in New York, NY   —   Jul 24, 2014   |  
What We’re Up To:

We’re leading the charge in a world of apps that do stuff. It’s no longer sufficient for brands to just throw out apps that “delight” without much substance. We work with our clients--from small startups to big brands--to figure out how to achieve their marketing and business goals through smart, high-functioning apps and websites that genuinely engage theirs users and keep them coming back for more.

Where You Fit In:

You understand what makes a strong digital product. You know what a mobile phone is capable of and how we can push it to its limits. You know what makes a compelling, interesting idea for a mobile product. You’re role is to sit down with potential new clients and hear about their idea at a very-high level and then turn around and present our implementation vision. You’ll come up with a broad vision for a concept right off the cuff. The reason you can come up with solutions on the fly is because you know best practices and how to solve problems through technology. In minutes, you come up with ideas that took our clients weeks or months to put together.

Important Note: Please Email Your Resume to
You’ll be asked to do a range of tasks, working on specific client deliverables, as well as meeting with potential new clients and helping them understand how Fueled would execute their product vision
You’ll work within a dynamic team structure led by a product director, helping to support and deliver on our ability to help clients bring their products to life quickly and effectively
You’ll have a mastery of mobile and tech industry best practices and the platforms we love, as well as be willing to learn and articulate the unique Fueled approach and take on each
Be able to ideate and write out a coherent product vision (i.e. specifications)
You’ll create documentation that allows clients as well as members of Fueled’s design, production, and development teams to understand our company’s
You’re expected to be as much of a friendly teacher as a proficient doer when working with your team
3-6 years of experience with some combination of: digital, mobile, web product, consumer-tech, social media strategy, digital marketing
The ability to effectively collaborate with various teams, providing the most useful guidance in an enthusiastic and inspiring manner
Experience building digital campaigns and strategy, on top of an insatiable curiosity and knowledge about all things social, web, and mobile to learn more
A working knowledge of a mobile device’s capabilities to the extent that most client questions can be answered without consulting a developer
An innate ability to synthesize various data, learnings, and research to articulate the most important and actionable insights
Strong visual thinking and storytelling abilities, simplifying complex concepts and strategies through design and logic
An interest and comfort level in standing in front of a client or a room full of peers to give their opinion or a presentation
A sparkling personality that will mesh well with the existing Fueled family (we love smart people with a dash of quirkiness and humor)
A strong sense of personal style
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