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Senior Ruby Developers

at Grockit in San Francisco, CA   —   Jul 01, 2014   |  
Grockit Inc. is hiring full time senior level Ruby developers to help develop a unique online game from our San Francisco loft.

Grockit is agile. Not in the biz-dev-speak sort of way, but in the agile development, extreme programming, Kent Beck sort of way.

Coding is a creative endeavor bearing the fingerprint of the entire team; quality code flows out of an environment that encourages effective communication and free expression, simplicity, trust, respect, and courage.

In practice, we conduct daily morning standups that allow us to share what we accomplished the day before and and our goals for today. We spin-off conversations afterwards on ideas that were inspired the standup meeting.

We pair program every day. We take advantage of the collective and unique human experiences of two individuals working towards the same goal. As a pair, we don’t write a single line of production code without first expressing the problem and our expectations of what we’re going to solve with a descriptive test. As we do so, we learn from each other, and turn something ambiguous into an actionable set of specifications. We then write the simplest code possible to satisfy the tests, and then refactor the code if needed.

Along the way we produce a well maintained and comprehensive test suite that we can trust.

We maintain a sustainable pace so that we can maintain the creative process consistently every day.

We surround ourselves with effective tools and an effective physical space. We use the latest Apple hardware, and are content using Apple 30″ Cinema Displays until Apple puts out something better. Our loft in The Mission is beautiful, filled with fresh air and natural light from skylights and huge windows. And while there are great places to eat nearby, we consider our own kitchen to the greatest. Jacob, our chef/ops team member, feeds us two healthy organic meals a day, allowing us to spend time bonding “outside” of work while eating fantastic (and healthy) food together.

If you’re talented and looking to fully engage both sides of your brain, come by and pair with us.
You thoroughly understand web applications, REST, and HTTP.
You have programmed in Ruby for at least a year.
You are comfortable with the relational model.
You wield JavaScript in a functional style and fully comprehend its scoping semantics.
You are a strong test-first developer, and write clear, coherent executable specifications.
You communicate with confidence, respect, and precision.
You are eager to fail in the pursuit of learning.
We’ll be thrilled if you also know a lot about any or all of the following:
Comet / Long Polling
Concurrent Programming
Relational Algebra
Functional Reactive Programming
Game Design
We offer extremely competitive salary, health, dental, and vision benefits.
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