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Funding20M-50M USD
IndustryWeb 2.0, Consumer, Database, Semantic Web, Infrastructure
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Senior Web Applications Engineer

at Metaweb in San Francisco, CA   —   Jul 23, 2014   |  
Metaweb is looking for engineers to develop the web interface for and for a rich community of user facing sites. Much of our user interface is generated from database schemas and we deal with enormous quantities of data so work is always challenging and unique. We're not just throwing together database queries and page templates to make a web site: we're trying to find new and innovative ways of slicing and dicing more than 3 million records of very diverse data. We are going beyond developing for a standalone web destination and are aiming to provide our community of users with experiences that are particular and important to them.

We develop primarily in Python and JavaScript using the Pylons framework on the server, and jQuery in the browser. We try to be active in these open source communities and contribute when we can. We're supporters of the ever-evolving WSGI standard and build many of our extensions as WSGI middleware.

Not a Python developer? That's ok! Python is a living, mature language that has evolved and innovated over its 16 year lifespan. As a result, it shares many of the best features of other modern languages including Ruby, PHP, and Java. If you have familiarity in any of these languages, you'll be able to start coding immediately! And if you worked with Ruby on Rails, then you'll fit right in - Pylons borrows many ideas from Rails, and has some interesting new innovations as well.

If working on bleeding edge web application development with Python and JavaScript is your idea of a good time, you're going to love working at Metaweb. We are solving hard problems, and we're having a lot of fun doing it. Join us.

To apply for this position, submit your resume in plain text or HTML.
Object-oriented programming background
Strong CS fundamentals
Server-side development experience using Python or Ruby on Rails, PHP, Perl or Java
Client-side development experience using JavaScript, DHTML, DOM, XHR, etc.
worked with a JavaScript framework like jQuery, Prototype, Ext, or Dojo
Python web-application frameworks like Pylons, TurboGears or Django
Architectural issues that affect performance and scalability of web sites - caching with memcache and/or squid, HTTP server experience with Apache, Lighttpd, Twisted, etc.
Building or extending web application frameworks in any language
Development of real life high traffic web sites or other systems
Specific experience using and extending the jQuery JavaScript library
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