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FundingLess than 250K USD
IndustrySearch, Web 2.0, Consumer, Advertising, Social Networking
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Senior Web Developer/CTO

at Frank in Greer, SC   —   Jul 04, 2014   |  
Who We Are:

Frank is the innovative brainchild of Spencer Ashby, a political junkie with strong internet marketing, sales and management skills. He currently works for one of the largest digital media firms in the country and spent over eight years in sales and management in the banking world. As an entrepreneur with a successful career and a deep-rooted passion for politics, Spencer brings to Frank the dedication, creativity and leadership needed to make it a success. (And just for the record, Spencer is neither a right-winger or a left winger. He’s just an ordinary American that believes that balance is good for government and that knowledge is power.)

What We’re Doing:

We are currently setting the groundwork for a cutting-edge political social website that will change the way the public interacts with government on a local, state and national level. Frank will be the largest and most informative political social platform on the web. With a unique plan to launch the site to the public and gain the involvement of politicians, Frank will bring a positive change to the world of politics. Frank will have multiple revenue streams including monthly fees for politician access to a back office that manages their campaign to a percentage of all online donations through Frank to a politician, group or party. Frank will bring politics to the doorsteps of individuals who are affected by issues that matter to them the most. Frank gives ordinary people the power to vote and comment on those issues, and politicians are able to visualize where the public’s favor lies and respond openly in real time.
We’re looking for someone passionate about what we’re doing and who believes in our idea. Ideally, you need to be a programmer, a designer and a leader with aspirations of managine a large technology team. After we receive our first round of funding, you will be responsible for building multiple teams so you should have good recruiting skills as well. You should obsess about attention to detail and the user experience. Ideally, your technical skills would be the following:
Design expertise – Professional level skills in Adobe Illustrator, Fireworks, In Design, and Photoshop, with strong UI/Layout, mockup, branding, and print skills.
Front End Expertise – XHTML/CSS/JavaScript – Hand code, standards compliant, semantic, cross platform & cross device interfaces, jQuery, MooTools, Ext. JS (for web/internet and mobile devices).
Application Programming Expertise – PHP, ColdFusion, AJAX, Web Services (RSS, REST, SOAP, XML-RPC, etc.). Advocate for the appropriate use of SAAS, design patterns, frameworks, SOA, ORM, and MVC.
Database Expertise – MSSQL/MySQL – Relational database design and programming, stored procedures, triggers, reporting, and administration.
Server Expertise – IIS, Apache, URL Rewrites, security, certificates, load balancing, etc.
While these are not absolutes, they should serve as a general basis in what we are looking for.
Opportunity & Compensation

We have done the heavy lifting in terms of the idea, how it will be implemented, and conveying this in a comprehensive and professional business plan. All we need now is someone that can initially build a working prototype. We plan to raise $400,000 in seed funding by January and could do so much sooner depending on how quickly the chosen candidate can work. The following is available to the right candidate:

* negotiated % of equity in the company (based on experience)
* $70,000+/year salary once we obtain funding (target: January 2012)
* Ground floor opportunity and voice in shaping the company – as Co-Founder, you are our link to the technological aspect of the business
* Ability to build a team – we have plans to hire at least 2 more engineers once funded (with more to follow as we grow) and you will be hand selecting your team

Lastly, understand that we are an intense and passionate company. We have an idea and model that we have been told is “phenomenal”, “world-changing”, and “the best idea I’ve heard in longtime” by many people with the power to make it happen. However, until we have a prototype to bring to life what we have on paper, we cannot move forward.

What to Do & Time frame:

Email your resume, any links to projects you have done, and any other relevant information to info [at] frankispolitics [dot] com. We are moving quickly on this and plan to hire for this position soon. Be sure to let us know what your schedule is like, how much time you have to work on this project and why you are interested. If you don’t include these things we will assume you didn’t bother to digest what we have to offer and are not taking it seriously.

We look forward to your submissions!
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