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Server Side Engineer

at MOBshop in Menlo Park, CA   —   Jul 03, 2014   |  
MOBshop is looking for a Server-Side Engineer to write the logic that powers web and mobile services, informed by a thoroughgoing knowledge of infrastructure, scalability, and performance.
Design, implement, benchmark, and deploy simple, elegant, high-performance code.
Create scalable infrastructure supporting rapid expansion.
Design and implement flexible APIs supporting location-based services from smart phones.
At least four years' experience writing distributed, high-volume web services.
Familiarity with several open-source application development stacks.
Facility with SQL query analysis.
Experience with service-oriented architectures, such as Thrift, ActiveMQ, etc., strongly preferred.
Experience designing APIs preferred.
Expertise in Python a strong plus. Pylons is an added bonus.
Exposure to enterprise systems in a previous life a plus.
You have a thoroughgoing understanding of server-side engineering for web sites, using open-source software stacks.
You are a creative thinker, with a knack for finding the simple "right" answer, in an extensible way.
You like to develop code in an "agile" development, working closely with product and the rest of the engineering team throughout the development process.
You are comfortable with database design and querying, preferably MySQL: you know the trade-offs in schema design, you're not the kind of person who delegates all queries to an ORM, and you know (and care) what is efficient.
You have worked on projects that have "scaled big." You automatically think about distributed systems. It's likely (and desirable) that you were there for a lot of growth, and you've got some scars from scaling that have taught you how to approach scalability.
You understand the underpinnings of large-scale distributed systems, including communications mechanisms, caching technologies, etc.
You have experience in API design, and RESTful services are second nature for you. You're also comfortable with binary wire protocols, and know when to prefer one over the other.
You have been exposed to service-oriented architectures. You're comfortable with the idea of combining data from various sources on the fly, and with figuring out how to get it fast.
Since you care about scalability and are something of an out-of-the-box thinker, it's likely that you have extensive experience with non-relational data stores as well (Sleepycat, BigTable, Cassandra, etc.).
You have an unusually comprehensive systems-level understanding of web services. You can think backwards from an SLA to figure out what types od redundancy are needed and how to provide it inexpensively, using open-source technologies.
You are sensitive to performance issues and routinely instrument code and address bottlenecks with appropriate data models, algorithms, tools, and techniques.
You are the sort of person whom y
BSCS or better, or equivalent experience.
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