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Skip the Corporate Gig, Join Our Startup as a Partner, and Change Everything.

at Nostraworld in Santa Monica, CA   —   Jul 11, 2014   |  
Come make an impact in the world with us as a partner in our killer startup rather than being employee #4593 at Big Faceless Corporation XYZ*. You’ll be joining a team of 3 guys who’ve all left behind their corporate-y gigs to work on something that matters. We’ll take care of business, sales, marketing and all that good stuff while you make it rain code. Send us your stuff, we’ll look it over, then we’ll set a date where we can get together over dinner and drinks, on us.

We are a three-man team founding the next BIG THING in tech that will flip the social gaming industry on its head (and maybe several more times as we pivot). And we are going to do this through a social prediction gaming platform that would let users challenge their friends, family, and industry “experts” to predictions on sports events (Knicks or Lakers?), political showdowns (Obama or Romney?), and even personal prediction games that involve your circle of friends.

So we’re not just looking for a motivated, energetic, and talented programmer; you’ll need to be passionate about the mission too, since you will play a large role in influencing the startup culture here. But in terms of the specifics, you should be great with Ruby on Rails, as you’ll be working on an existing code framework built in Ruby. And as Lead Developer, your responsibilities extend to all technical aspects of the product, involving the front-end (HTML 5, CSS 3, Javascript, jQuery, etc.) and database organization (MySQL), as well as knowing how to implement algorithms for the different odds and probabilities related to the prediction events.

In terms of the “intangibles,” we’d like to work with people who are kind of like us. We work hard and play hard, but we also pay attention to the little things that help get us there. So, we’d like to bring on a partner who is, first and foremost, a great communicator. As a leader, your ability to properly communicate what needs to be done is probably your most important responsibility. Interns and new teammates, after all, will be looking to you for direction. You should be able to articulate and defend your thoughts and positions well! In addition, you need to be energetic. This probably goes without saying but, to just survive as a startup, we’ll need to be able to respond quickly to user feedback and market forces. Changes and iterations need to be done in a matter of hours, not days or weeks. And, last but not least, you should be detail-oriented. Extra attention to code in the beginning saves time and headaches later when debugging. Have a keen eye for the “little things” that may cause problems later.

*We apologize to any entities actually called Big Faceless Corporation XYZ. But only because the name blows.
Developing on an existing Ruby framework
Managing Front-end HTML/CSS/Javascript development
Building the database (preferably MySQL)
Implementing dynamic algorithms to match changing odds and probabilities for prediction events
Setting clear tasks and objectives for junior developers/interns
Expertise with Ruby on Rails
Experience with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript
Experience with databases (preferably MySQL)
Ruby on Rails
BS Computer Science (preferable)
Negotiable (Equity/Salary)
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