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Social Marketing

at Solid Commerce in Marina del Rey, CA   —   Jun 30, 2014   |  
LinkedIn, Forum Groups, Blogs, Reputation Management, eBlasts, Facebook, Twitter and yes, being actually social in person.

We don’t care if you have SaaS in your past or not. We care about fundamentals. Are you data driven? Do you know how to charm from afar? Do you know the point of marketing? We don’t care so much about your resume, we care about your results. Resumes are nice but we only play with people who bring talent.

Please send Resume, Writing Sample, Cover Letter, and Salary Requirements; include your favorite Muppet’s name in the header to Applications without salary requirements or writing samples will not be read. Interviews are done as soon as humanly possible for great candidates and start dates are, yesterday, could you start yesterday? Smile. We know the routine with farewells with prior employers so we tease, yet, understand this is not a 3 month interview process either.
Experience? Have some, none would be bad. If you think social marketing is easy because you like to hang out on-line, did sales, own a computer, bartended in your past; please pass over us.
Self-motivating. This is not the place for shy wallflowers, bring your passion or don’t come out to play at all. Everyone here is asked to stretch beyond their capabilities and if you are someone who likes to rest in the comfort zone, you will be miserable. Some days zig, some days zag and your boss is a mentor not a babysitter.
Fabulous writing skills, even better if you were nominated to be a member of the fabled Grammar Police Special Crimes Unit. Your bosses are grammar outlaws and we need a sheriff in town.
An eye for detail, even the smallest misstep in writing sometimes means disaster for the sales team
PC friendly including understanding the suite of products made by Microsoft for us non-marketing drones
The ability or desire to learn how to speak tech. We are a technical SaaS product that is sold more often than not to non-technical people
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