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IndustryWeb 2.0, Social Networking
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Social Media Designer

at FrazeMe in New York, NY   —   Jul 01, 2014   |  
We put design first at Frazeme. Technology is just a method to implement design.

You get modern culture and you know how to capture it in your designs. You could write for "The Onion", but you like design more. You stay up on current events and pop culture even though you're too smart to be taken in by it. When something happens, you're the first person your friends go to because they know your take on it will be irreverent and entertaining.

You believe a picture is worth more than a thousand words and you know how to design that picture.

Because we are in stealth mode, we can't tell you online exactly what we're doing, but we're certain once we've explained it, you'll realize designers around the globe are going to love this site.

Right now this is virtual, but we will be in Manhattan once we acquire funding.
You will be responsible for creating designs that capture people's imagination. You will be responsible for creating new designs for the site that comment on current events and show users what is possible.
I don't care about experience--just show me what you can do.
Strong experience with Adobe Illustrator or equivalent
Doesn't matter
Sweat equity. Chance to be a true founder.
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