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Social Media Intern / Food Blogger / Food Vlogger / Web TV Host

at Watch Foodie Network in Irving, TX   —   Jul 17, 2014   |  
You write well and enjoy communicating. You're charismatic and enjoy being in front of the camera. You're a social media maven. You live on Facebook, tweet with the best of them, check in with Foursquares everyplace you can, and you have instagrammed every moment of your life for the past year.

You're not afraid to jump in and get things done. And you like working in teams and doing your part to make something BIG happen.

This internship is geared towards someone already completely immersed in the food culture. They're addicted to food-related TV shows, culinary magazines, food blogs/vlogs, and related media. They want to know everything about food, both the best and the ordinary, from its health and nutritional benefits, to the science, industry, politics and celebrity personalities surrounding food.

Since Watch Foodie Network business services will soon also encompass both domestic and international culinary tourism, which we will document by video, the intern should also share an equal penchant for travel. As with food, they're addicted to travel-related TV shows, travel magazines, travel blogs/vlogs and related media. They understand that the joy of food and the delight of travel arise from the same impulse: the need to satiate a sensory desire. Travel and food are inextricably intertwined. When we travel, food inevitably becomes one of our prime fascinations and our passport to another world.

Our objective is for Watch Foodie Network to be the go-to resource for travelers and foodies alike when they want to delve deeper into their favorite cuisine or prospective travel destination.

We're seeking a highly motivated, charismatic individual with experience and fanatical passion for blogging, vlogging, microblogging and community participation leadership.

The focus of the position is to learn about servicing clients by establishing a targeted social media following, and facilitating regular updates and interaction aimed at entertaining, educating and informing the public about our clients' restaurants in a strategic manner. Through this type of aggressive social media campaigns, we will develop strong and positive consumer awareness and exposure for our clients' restaurants, driving more traffic to their websites and attracting new patrons.

At the end of this internship, the intern will have a firm understanding of B2B and B2C marketing. You will have experience in consumer insights and campaign strategy as well as deep knowledge across all social channels. You will learn how to listen to customers and prospects, find influencers, monitor conversations, mentions and trends, and most importantly, how to engage your public. The social media industry is constantly evolving, so you will be ahead of the curve in learning new technologies, new trends and services and be on the cutting edge by researching and recommending new strategic methods.

At the end of this internship, you will be considered for a paid full-time position as the Social Media Manager on the fast-track to Director of Social Strategy, VP and ultimately a partner.
Food Vlogs: Create & manage your own food vlogs to be featured on our YouTube channel. Collaborate with the graphic web designer on your team for post-production graphics.
Web TV Host: Collaborate with the videographer on your team in developing & producing a food-related Web TV series for our YouTube channel.
Web Commercials & Videos: Collaborate with the content/copywriter & videographer on your team to develop a script for your assigned clients' web commercials & videos. Act as on-video interviewer/presenter, if requested.
Monetization of Vlogs & Videos: Collaborate with the SEO specialist on your team to video search engine optimize & monetize your vlog, Web TV show & clients' web videos.
Create & Customize: Create & customize profiles & pages on new & existing social media platforms for new clients.
Maintain Social Media Accounts: Monitor & improve existing social media accounts. This may include posting articles, blogging, tweeting, updating profile information, responding to & monitoring comments or forum posts, and creating new content.
Create Relevant Content: Research topics that align with the interests of ours fans & those of your assigned clients. Create new & relevant content for various feeds. New content includes blog articles, vlogs, tweets, Facebook postings, comments & answers to comments as well as website pages.
Develop a Brand Strategy: Working along with other team members, develop a brand strategy for assigned clients. Identify & nurture the best brand advocates & influencers inside the client's "branded customer community".
Monitor Impact & Feedback: Monitor the impact of any ongoing social media programs & report on the effectiveness of campaigns.
Assist copywriter with clients' newsletters, press releases, bios, press kit materials, etc.
While some prior industry related work experience (including a prior internship) would be a great plus, it is not required. Thus the purpose of this internship.
Must enjoy a socially active life, and have a strong interest and desire to express your opinions on food, drinks, restaurants, bars, recipes, etc.
Must be comfortable in both live and pre-recorded settings, have an outgoing personality, and be a creative storyteller who can deliver with both factual clarity and emotional connection with viewers; must possess excellent presentation skills
Demonstrate general knowledge of social media tools for restaurants
Knowledge of social media management and best practices.
Already a frequent user of social networking sites with large numbers of contacts/friends/followers.
Must already use two or more of these social media platforms and their relevant mobile applications: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Yelp, Urbanspoon and Foursquare
Experience in customizing social media platforms a plus
Experience with social media optimization (SMO)
Experience with social media monitoring and analytic platforms
Understand the complexity and nuances of creating and nurturing an effective "branded customer community" within an open social media network.
Should be proficient with point-and-shoot digital photography and basic photo editing
Experience publishing photos and videos on the web as a regular blogger/reporter
Good working knowledge of database management (i.e. data collection, sorting, exporting, sharing, etc.)
Must demonstrate the ability to write professionally for varied audiences. Applicants should include links to social media accounts they already personally maintain and links to their vlogs with their resume and cover letter.
Must be pursuing a degree in Broadcast Journalism, Journalism, Public Relations, Digital Media, Creative Writing, Communications or a related field. A minor in Advertising, Marketing, or Business is a serious plus. Must have at least a Junior class standing with a minimum 3.0GPA. Recent college graduates are welcome.
This intern position is unpaid. As a perk, however, you will be able to sample a wide variety of incredible cuisine for free while working on location.

We must emphasize here that we place equal value upon each candidate's talents and skills as we do upon their entrepreneurial proclivity. This ensures our ability to award our interns a profit sharing bonus in the form of a gratuity (or "college grant") at the end of each semester.

We value all of our interns and will make sure you receive a learning experience that not only fits your career goals, but generates credible references and job recommendations in your respective industry.
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