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IndustryMobile, Web 2.0, Consumer, E-commerce, Social Networking
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Software Developer

at Korrio in Seattle, WA   —   Jul 14, 2014   |  
Korrio is looking for a mid-level, generalist engineer who’s comfortable with LAMP, PHP and JavaScript. Our web service is very dynamic, and you must have a solid foundation in web development and back-end best practices to work across our stack. Our product capabilities are expanding rapidly into social media, mobile and analytics, so you must have additional experience developing in other platforms, such as python, iOS, Java, Scala, Ruby / Rails or C++ (on Linux). You must prefer to work in a collaborative team environment working with agile practices. Our ideal candidate will be ready to jump into an intense and growing start-up environment. If you’re a great software craftsman, come join us and help us deliver our long list of consumer, social media, mobile, ecommerce and backend feature ideas as we expand our product!

You have experience building real products in the real world. You have the courage and confidence to jump into any part of our stack to create new features and solve hard problems. You have an innate curiosity about emerging technology, and you seek ways to learn about them. You have the professionalism to understand how to work within a team and support a business. We push into production multiple times a day, so it won’t take long to get your work out in front of our users.
You tell your backend developer friends that you like to make magic happen with PHP, HTML, JavaScript and CSS, and you tell your front end friends you prefer to get dirty with RESTful services, Java/Scala/C++ and SQL.
For a change of pace, you build a mobile app on iOS and Android.
You are able to articulate strategic improvements and ideas to our product, development platform and agile processes.
You develop with quality and testability in mind.
You’re a pragmatist. You have no religion about development process, programming languages, version control, text editors, SQL vs NoSQL, etc. You use the right tool for the job, and you try to stay adaptable and open-minded.
You do your own electrical.
You think Windows is a perfectly good operating system — confined to a Fusion window.
You believe in metrics, testing, continuous integration and working fluidly and harmoniously with operations (because at our size we are operations too).
Everything you write is designed for simplicity and maintainability. You take security and user privacy very, very seriously.
You like loud music in the workplace whether it’s The Melvins, Pixies, The La’s or Pinback.
When other developers begin debating the merits of .net vs php vs java vs ruby vs python you take the side of COBOL.
You play Ultimate Frisbee with the Marketing Department, Ping Pong with the Developers and Softball with the CEO.
You think a day is not complete unless you learned something new and taught someone something new.
You think code should be self documenting — which is why you document some of your code.
When the CEO announces he’s gonna run a background check on everyone in the company, you say bring it on.
You’re looking for your next opportunity to build something new and exciting with a team of other entrepreneurs.
You think this is funny:
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WordPress Developer
Mobile Developer
PHP Developer
PHP Programmer
Java Programmer
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