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IndustrySaaS, Software, Semantic Web, Productivity
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Software Development Engineer

at Careerimp, Inc in Pittsburgh, PA   —   Jul 18, 2014   |  
Careerimp is changing job searching, making it possible for jobseekers to gain insights into
their application as they apply. Right now, we enable users to create a damn good resume with
Resunate (

We code in Ruby on Rails and jQuery. We expect you to have a very strong foundation in
programming and several projects behind you in developing web software. You should be
someone who hates bugs to be found in your code, so you test it like crazy before deploying
it. You are disciplined in development and can contribute in our transition to a more disciplined
development culture. You like working with a designer to help style your features, and have a
good eye for usability and aesthetics. You like to take skeletal user stories and flesh out the
solution space. You think in graphs and algorithms, and are not afraid of complexity. You are
bubbling with feature ideas.

We work in a designer space in Uptown Pittsburgh (between downtown and Oakland, across
from South Side), which is co-inhabited by a giant poodle and other interesting tech companies.
We like being co-located while working, and expect the same of you. Friday afternoons you
work on whatever you feel like. Seriously. We brew freshly ground single origin coffee at least
twice a day. We will pay you comparable salary to companies our size, pay for half your health
and dental insurance, and may provide you stock options.
Developing an API for other apps to easily communicate with us
Developing analytical tools for career centers
Developing a utility for jobseekers to discover skills to improve
Develop mechanisms to improve our matching engine
Develop interesting social features that leverage social network APIs
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