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Software Engineer/Technical Manager for Boston Startup

at Bidstar in Concord, MA   —   Jul 16, 2014   |  
Great opportunity to be involved in a revolutionary new business from the start.

At the moment this startup has no employees. Just a great idea that could revolutionize an industry. Our idea centers around changing the way homeowners (specifically professional real estate developers, such as myself) interact and hire contractors. We hope to do this, in part, creating an online marketplace for construction projects. Over half a trillion dollars changes hands every year between real estate developers and the contractors they hire. Our idea could help both sides save money and expand there businesses. And help us tap into over half a trillion dollars in transaction volume. Our concept has had good reception from both the real estate development and construction communities. We are on track to receive a $200,000 angel investment.

Despite the fact that I come from a "technical" background (my family owns a software company), I don't have a lot of experience or knowledge about programming, building websites etc. Therefore, I want to find someone who can be the technical side of the company, and who can program and build our website and transaction system.

Rough job requirements:

-Knowledge of many different programming methods
-Ability to mange other programmers
-Good people skills
-Ability to produce clean "production grade" code
-Some understanding (or willingness to learn about) the construction/real estate development industry
-Ability to interact with potential customers/investors

I can't pay a great salary initially, but we are willing discuss a variety of stock based incentives.

Our offices will be located in Acton, Concord or Maynard, Massachusetts. We would prefer someone who is willing/able to come into the office each day (helps in the start up environment). Hours can be very flexible.
Possible equity
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