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Funding500K-1M USD
IndustryTravel, Social Networking
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Stage Web Start-Up Seeking Business developer / co-founder / Entrepreneur in residence / CEO

at Compartrip in San Francisco, CA   —   Jul 18, 2014   |  
Who We Are:
We're two individuals: one dreamer & strategy visionary "ideas man" based in SFO, and one incredibly talented and dedicated chief operating officer with a team of 20 engineers in Spain working in a for profit project:

What We're Doing:
Our dream is inspired by affiliate programs metasearchers , social networks, cash back companies, social travel webs and over all, our own dream to change the life's of lot´s of people in underdeveloped countries through tourism revenues.
We believe in people from the North Hemisphere contributing to fight poverty in the South Hemisphere just travelling! Take a look to our inspirational site :

Our Vision:
A social travel searcher ,were we split income with users, travellers, tourism providers tourism institutions, Non Profits... that become our partners and natural marketing allies, as compartrip´s ambassadors

State of the Art :
We want to be one of the big players in a $1 trillion industry, (just considering international tourism)
We have already published our travel searcher (like Google) ,with social facilities (like Gogobot), with price comparison tools (with best prices than Kayak!) , with cash back systems ( like Clixsense) and b2b travel platforms integrated to give tech cloud services to tourism institutions and providers . The hole tourism eco system integrated in a unique social travel searcher for the first time in the world!
For the time being we have integrated lots of Apis from the worldwide tourism industry, finalized the Spanish customization part, and just stared customizing US contents. After the rest of the world
And we are planning to start a fundraising round in the next weeks in The Bay area
Who You Are:
Above all, you need to be a business talented guy with the right network and capability to convince users, tourism providers, administrators, institutions, Non profits, Corps and biz angels to help us push the dream and lack a comprehension for the word "impossible".
You need to have entrepreneurial spirit, an obsessive real time expectative and be sure that with your work in our team we are really going to change the world of million of people in underdeveloped countries ,and you should be familiar with :
Biz Development: Experience in putting together a start up team in an international context and experience in social media .And if you have been working in the travel industry, great!
Venture Capital: Experience in negotiating with the VC industry. Preferably knowing players in the Angels & Corporate VC area
Philanthropy: Given the philanthropic nature of the product our co-founder has to be able to represent well in front of non profits sector the value of Compartrip.
While these are not absolutes, they should serve as a general basis in what we are looking for. Also, we're looking for someone passionate about what we're doing and one who believes in our idea
Opportunity & Compensation:
We have done the heavy lifting in terms of the idea, building it, getting it live but we need your help to bring it to the next step : Expand our commercial strategy in the US and the rest of the world . A lot of the initial, early risk has been mitigated through our work over the last year.
We plan to earn around $15 /year from each user and $1800/year form each tourism provider and reach 250.000 monthly active users before the end of the year .That being said the following is available to the right candidate:
• Up to 5 % equity in the company, depending on experience
• Competitive salary once we obtain funding
• Build the company from scratch in the US
Lastly, understand that we are a pair of intense and passionate individuals with a full development team in Spain. We have an idea and model that we have been told is "the best idea I've heard in long time" by many people with the power to make it happen. If you are interested in creating something fresh and original, enjoy a challenge, and love being a part of something where you're truly appreciated and constantly contributing to help people in the third world, then we'd love to hear from you.

What to Do & Timeframe:
Go to our websites and learn about what we do. Be sure to tell us why you are interested in working with compartip
Then email your resume, any links to projects and companies you have been involved with, and any relevant information. We are moving quickly on this and plan to find the right co-founder within the next weeks . Be sure to let us know what your schedule is like, how much time you have to work on such a project (ideally you're unemployed and a hungry entrepreneur at heart) and why you are interested. If you don't include these things we will assume you didn't bother to digest what we have to offer and are not taking it seriously.
Hope you hope to change the world too. We look forward to your submission
Compartrip´s Team
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