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Funding250K-500K USD
IndustrySoftware, Financial Services
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Startup Sales Manager

at DPP Capital Group in Livonia, MI   —   Jun 27, 2014   |  
ELK Software, LLC seeks a qualified Candidate to immediately generate software sales for Short Sale Commander, a new real estate process management tool. Sales Manager will work in collaboration with senior executives to execute a dynamic path to rapid growth through implementing cost-effective, profitable, traction building sales methodologies (direct reps, commission only agents, inside sales, independent resellers, affiliative sales …) in line with resources and goals.. Sales Manager will demonstrate the right balance between “seeing strategies through” versus dynamically changing as required by the monitoring goals and the market.

Short Sale Commander (http://www.shortsalecommander) is a web-based, negotiation and loss mitigation tool used in the residential real estate, REO, title and loan servicing industry. The product is sold in single, multi-user and enterprise B2C and B2B software license formats. The application allows real estate professionals to manage leads, processes and data to the benefit of reduced time on task and increased property closing rates specifically for value impaired residential real estate.
Sales Manager will carry a Quota. This role is explicitly a “Selling” Sales Management role.
Sales Manager will sell the current product release. This role requires seizing existing market opportunity while positioning feedback-driven enhancements.
Sales Manager will hold internal and external resources accountable. This role requires ability to hold accountable resources for their behavior, activity, and results.
Sales Manager will Communicate often internally and externally. This role requires an ability to professionally communicate without guidance from management.
Sales Manager will adjust Sales Path as required by goals of the Company. The role requires industry insight, knowledge and initiative to navigate course to success.
Sales Manager will implement and consistently utilize Performance Measurement Tools. The role requires command of industry standard data and performance systems and CRM tools.
Candidate must have demonstrated software selling experience within the real estate industry, including REO or Loss Mitigation software sold into real estate agents, mortgage servicers, or title companies.
Candidate must have expertise in blending inside, telesales and outside sales to create the right market penetration formula for early revenue generation.
Passion. A genuine desire to be an integral part of a startup software company.
Monetary Motivation. The aspiration to earn a substantial 6 figure salary through accomplishment.
Ambition. The mindset to set self apart from others through sacrifice and hard work.
Industry Knowledge. Demonstrated deep understanding of real estate customer needs
Energy. The capacity and drive to devote extraordinary time and effort to a product’s success.
Measurement. Mindset to live by calls, leads, orders, closings, revenue, profit and # of customers.
Bachelors Degree, MBA and/or Real Estate License preferred.
Phase I: Startup Period (Timeframe: Estimated September 1 – December 31st) $40,000 base against commissions from revenue production during startup period including benefit of over-weighted % commissions along with over-rides from commission-only sales rep

Phase II: Sales Expansion Period (Timeframe: Based on Success Evidence of Product & Sales) $55,000 base with reduction to normalized % commissions from over-weighted with achieving quota in Phase I and evidence of selecting proper sales distribution paths

Phase III: Market Building Period (Timeframe: Based on Success Evidence of Product & Sales) Incentives including milestone sales bonuses along with Incentive Equity/Profits Interest Option Awards upon demonstrating leadership capability
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