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System administrator/Developer Operations

at uTrade Solutions Pvt Ltd in India   —   Jun 29, 2014   |  
We are looking to hire someone to manage all our systems, networks and support developers to make some awesome products.
Manage uTrade internal systems/network access, monitoring, backup/restore, upgrades etc.
Perform monitoring and maintenance of overall Unix server operating systems and applications
Manage load configurations and provide recommendations for improving performance.
Handling various instances of Postgres databases
replication/load-balancing of databases to maintain high availability
Internal deployment of the various uTrade releases (backend / web / GUI application) for QA/demo purposes
Managing and owning version control (SVN) for all applications
Creating packages for the application, i.e. DEB/RPM and hosting an internal repository which can be added to yum/apt-get tools.
Build automation for continuous build and integration of the product on various UNIX flavours like Debian/Redhat/SUSE/Solaris etc.
Capacity(Network/Systems/Databases) planning for installation of uTrade products at Clients
Monitoring IO/memory/network bandwidth usage of applications, identifying bottlenecks and suggesting improvements
Hosting web applications on the cloud and managing the instances of cloud servers based on some usage metrics to minimize costs
Ensuring Load balancing/high availability of web applications, other uTrade applications
Building automation tools, which will help the developers to do their job better
Vendor Management - Dealing with hardware/networking/other vendors
Dealing with Exchanges for the client's various co-location servers
Bash/csh/ksh scripting
Packaging products into DEBs/RPMs
databases like postgresql/mysql etc
Bachelors of anything
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