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Systems Engineer

at MOBshop in Menlo Park, CA   —   Apr 04, 2014   |  
MOBshop is looking for a Systems Engineer to make the service hum, drawing on a comprehensive knowledge of operating systems, tools and techniques, deployment, automation, and robust practices.
Design network and systems infrastructure.
Active participant in architectural design and component selection.
Set up and create monitoring and alerting infrastructure.
Release engineering, including creation of deployment scripts.
MySQL database administration.
Real-time response to production issues.
At least three years' experience in systems administration/engineering for distributed, high-volume web services.
MySQL database administration responsibilities for a high-traffic database-driven site.
Responsibility for basic network engineering responsibilities.
Deploying live into a production environment.
Experience setting up, and writing scripts for, monitoring and alerting tools (e.g. Ganglia, Cacti, Nagios).
Experience with non-relational datastores a plus.
Experience with services "in the cloud" preferred.
Experience with service-oriented architectures, such as Thrift, ActiveMQ, etc., strongly preferred.
You are a jack of all trades and a master of many, due to your unusually broad technology interests. You are not only the kind of person who knows what revision of MySQL fixed which bugs, and care enough to keep the systems patched before problems erupt, but also can write the code that keeps the systems running smoothly.
You've had diverse responsibilities in a high-traffic web environment; being "the guy" who is there first and sets it all up won't be anything new to you, and you'll do it a little bit differently this time around from all the insight you gained the last time out.
You are fanatical about availability and stability. You respond immediately when there is a problem, but more than anything else you care about keeping things from breaking, to the point that you take on release engineering responsibilities to make sure it's done right.
Though you approach a service from a systems perspective and don't always see the world the same way as the development engineers, you can see how the world looks from their point of view and help educate them on best practices and processes for stability.
You're not purely a systems administrator. If you wanted to, you could be a development engineer as well. You are comfortable with scripting languages and able to set up monitoring and alerting infrastructure, deployment scripts, etc. Your comfort with coding feeds your ability to make infrastructure choices, which you do with a strong systems perspective.
You have solid chops as a MySQL database administrator. You're intimately familiar with the intricacies of replication, query analysis, and analytic reporting, and are an active participant in discussions about appropriate schemas and queries.
You're comfortable with service-oriented architectures, data buses, non-relational datastores, and other not-entirely-universal components.
You are sensitive to performance issues and routinely provide input based on your analysis of what caching would be helpful, how to a
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