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Funding10M-20M USD
IndustryConsumer, Database, Discovery, E-commerce
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Systems Engineer

at Birchbox in New York, NY   —   Apr 10, 2014   |  
Birchbox is looking for a Systems Engineer with a passion for building infrastructure that is maintainable and scalable. You are creative, pragmatic, always seeking to learn, and never lose site of the goal of delivering an amazing user experience to the customer.
Infrastructure expansion and support; dev is virtualized, staging and prod are collocated hardware
Refine our software lifecycle, deployment and management practices
Build tools and processes to improve the practices of development
Support our office networks in New York, London, Paris and, Barcelona
3+ years of experience in a production web shop (and some personal projects, too)
Experience with the standard chain of technologies found in a web shop: http daemons, app servers, caches and proxies, load balancers (l4, l7)
Experience with relational and non-relational data storage and access at scale
Understanding of IP networking, associated physical topologies, and the supporting service infrastructure
Great facility with the UNIX paradigm; we're a Linux shop (Debian) and we have OS X desktops and laptops
Experience developing tools to manage a complex collection of environments
Experience troubleshooting under pressure
(Perl or Python), Ruby and Bourne-compat shell skills
You have a thirst for new knowledge, and responsibility. You want to own projects in their entirety, and master new problem spaces and technologies.
You are compelled to excellence, powerless to resist the siren's songs of a beautiful solution.
You are pragmatic: sometimes a beautiful solution is impermanent and expedient. You know how to make the call.
You are persistent: it's a job, it has some grind, you know how to dig out a solution; at the end of the day it has to ship.
You are joyful and take pride in what you do; we're a talented and diverse crew, lucky enough to be building something people really love.
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