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Technical Co-Founder

at digizal in San Jose, CA   —   Jul 01, 2014   |  
Technical Co-Founder
Looking for a technical co-founder for my stealth e-commerce platform. Digizal plans on being profitable very early on. As a technical co-founder you must be passionate about technology, product, and game changing services. If you consider yourself a hacker, love to solve problems and have a drive and passion to build the best startup as possible then this is where you want to be. The beta platform is built, but as a technical co-founder you will be responsible for contributing concepts, strategies and ways to best improve the platform based on our customers needs and market trends. Since the original platform is written in PHP and MySQL database you must be well versed in these.

Preferably looking for someone located in the Bay Area, CA.
As a technical co-founder you must be able to handle both software and hardware end. Have experience in scalable architecture and can take responsibility for the product and performance aspects.
Heavy coding in the beginning
There have been many offers to join as a technical co-founder but out of all the applications I received none were laser focused, driven, motivated, passionate and had a sense of business knowledge.
Ask yourself this:
Do you hack for fun in your free time? Have you built mini projects just for the challenge of it?
Do you consider yourself as a business entrepreneur?
Are you self motivated or does someone have to push you?
Are you tired of being the one that says "I had that idea a long time ago..why didn't I actually do that?"
Do you want to work for someone the rest of your life?
What problems itch under your skin? If so are any of them consumer driven?
At the minimum please send me links to your projects as well as your technical skills and languages you know. I have no problem disclosing information about myself and this startup with a formal face to face introduction over a coffee.
Some design
Amazon web services
The more you know the merrier
I have worked with some of the most brilliant hackers in the world and some of them didn't even graduate from high school. What I care most about is your understanding of technology, your ability code well and build scalable systems that are elegant in nature.

It doesnt hurt if you went to stanford though and are an entrepreneur.
Equity. This is a no nonsese startup that is on track for going to market and getting funding. As a technical co-founder you will get the best standing equity agreement after the founder.

The founder of digizal is a serious entrepreneur with a successful track record and has been on the founding team of some very successful startups.
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