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Training & Job Placement (Across US)

at Rainbow IT Solutions LLC in Shhhh...   —   Jul 12, 2014   |  
Training & Job Placement (Across US)

We Train, We Place, We Help you succeed...

Company Name: Rainbow IT Solutions

Our company has made business intelligence and data warehousing a priority.
Are you prepared?

In today's rapidly moving and increasingly digital world,
it has become even more necessary to understand advancing technologies and
processes in order to succeed. Business leaders must have the ability to
collect and interpret information concerning customers, suppliers, competitors,
and make decisions that affect their company's performance.

We don’t want to scare
anyone by talking technical in this ad but would like you to understand what we
offer and what we expect.

What we offer:
Training (We train you in technologies that
are No 1 in IT industry).
Test (We will Test you in order to make you an experienced
Professionalism (We induce Professionalism into your Performance).
(We fill in confidence and Our trainers will be there for you when you need us)
(An Achievement for your hard work)
Job Placement (We will make sure you are marketable)

We Expect:
College Degree (No Experience Required)
High School Graduate with Diploma + Job
You must be confident.
You must be Goal Oriented
You must be enthusiastic
You must
have good computer knowledge.

Also you can reply to this ad. Please reply with your name,
Resume and Number to reach.
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