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User Interface Developer

at OrangeDog in Los Angeles, CA   —   Jul 03, 2014   |  
This isn't a user experience position, it's an engineering/coding position.

The UI developer will have several roles. The first is the standard one of writing UIs for the various applications we have. Pretty straightforward stuff. The second role is to build so called "semantic" user interfaces. These are interfaces that are generated from ontologies. This role is very open ended. There is basically an endless scope here for a creative user interface developer, as there are a lot of interesting things you can do when generating UIs from ontologies. Third, is to develop various data visualizations some of which are associated with ontologies, some of which are more business oriented. Finally, there is some company and website branding work.

The person we are looking for needs to be a really good UI coder, plus able to understand what ontologies bring to the table, and hence how users may want to interact with them visually, plus have a good visual sense. You must have a passion for understanding and learning how end users want to use both user interfaces and ontologies, and hence how they can support those end users -- we are relentlessly client focussed.

It would be a plus if you were in the US as it makes collaboration a bit easier, but it isn't necessary. We have worked with distributed teams before -- takes effort and care but definitely doable, especially for the right person.
The UI developer will be in charge of the entire user interface side of our product suite. This is a central position within our company.
Java SWING, JavaFX or Flash/AIR skills.
Processing skills could be useful.
It would be a plus if you knew about RDF, SPARQL and semantic web technologies, but it isn't necessary as all that can be learned as need be.
Equity until funding, then equity and money :-)
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