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Web Application / Back-end Developer

at Moolah in San Carlos, CA   —   Apr 03, 2014   |  
Join an inspired team creating a revolutionary online product to teach children about money. Prepare to be immersed in a fast-paced virtual team environment with a stellar advisory board. We work hard, celebrate small wins, learn fast from failure, teach one another, grow as a team, and bounce off each other’s ideas and energy.

We want to offer you the opportunity to work on stuff that matters. Stuff you can call your own, stuff that gets people excited, stuff that is game-changing, and stuff that will be change the lives of millions. We are looking to hire either contract or full time (preferred).

Local only. For more info or interest, email
Engineer back-end architecture and develop dynamic web features
Iterate quickly on metrics-driven experiments and optimize for conversion
To have fun and use your talents to impact millions of children
Heart: You want to change the world and work on something meaningful. You are fueled by challenges and excited about reaching millions of kids who need your help.
Speed: Develop FAST, and meet feedback change requests from test customers fast. You are one of those people who somehow gets much more done than almost everyone else you know.
Wisdom: Have sufficient experience and leadership to create the product in broad strokes, and fill in detail. Will not require any significant technology training or learning. Experience will be manifested in: previous projects (especially game experience), a healthy approach to testing (including unit testing), few bugs. Strong debugging skills (you have never met a bug that has gotten the better of you) and web service/API experience
Communication: Will communicate with the Product Managers (currently the founders), other team members and customers in a timely way, despite large distances and time differences. You will tell rather than wait to be asked
Leadership: Will go above and beyond the job description to make the customers successful and keep them happy. Will guide the other members of the team with your experience
Strong, proven knowledge of Web App Development frameworks, experience with at least one of (PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python)
Strong database design and SQL skills, including optimization
Proven ability to work with remotely distributed teams
Strong communication skills
Ability to conceptualize and iterate rapidly
Good documentation skills, and desire to create lightweight but efficient processes
Scrapiness - you’ll use all resources at your disposal to achieve results. “Anything’s possible” is your mantra
Zero bug mentality, and excellent debugging skills (you have dates with HTTP status codes and packets -> no not really :) )
Agile programming experience - experience with iterative development cycles, SCRUM process
Continuous testing, Unit Testing, and pre-emptive QA skills
Technical vision - always thinking of APIs and web-services for future expansion first
Usability, availability, security conscious
Cash / equity compensation will be discussed in detail with selected candidates.
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