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Funding500K-1M USD
IndustrySocial Networking
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Web Developer at

at in San Francisco, CA   —   Jul 11, 2014   |  
View from our officeBen Lund and Jarques Pretorius
We are looking for exceptional software engineers to join our team. is a growing social network with a user base of 1,354,591 researchers. We need engineers who can handle the full stack, from PostgreSQL up to Javascript, and are eager to tackle the challenges of rapidly scaling a Rails app on Amazon Web Services.
What is most important, by far, is that you are a quick learner who can discover and pick up new techniques fast.
Web development: you have 2+ years of web development experience
Full stack: you have experience designing and implementing the full stack of a web application: sysadmin, database implementation and optimization, application development, front-end CSS, HTML and JavaScript.
Scaling: ideally you have some experience scaling an application to deal with an increasing user base. This is not essential though.
Here are some of the technologies that we work with:
Ruby on Rails
Scribd/iPaper API
Facebook Connect
You should be comfortable finding the right tools for the job while becoming great at whatever tool you're using. Experience with Rails is a plus, but far more important is your ability to pick up new technologies quickly.
A very strong engineer: you are able to innovate at the cutting edge of web development to overcome the complex challenges that can arise.
Product and user experience focused: you are obsessed with creating a great product, and a great user experience. You feel anguish and pain when your site is slow, or when your user interface or feature is bad, and you feel pleasure when the site is fast and intuitive.
A problem solver: you derive huge intellectual satisfaction from solving problems. You are always focused on finding the best and quickest solution to the problem you are working on.
Technically ambitious: you are the kind of person who enjoys pushing the boundaries of the technologies you work with. For example, when thinking about the best UI for a feature, you would have no fear in considering creating a new JavaScript framework, if that is what is required to make it work right.
A finisher: you care about finishing products and deploying code. You understand that exceptional engineering, combined with exceptional creativity, are what makes a startup succeed.
Versatile: you are comfortable tweaking a CSS style or optimizing a SQL query all in the same morning
Able to prioritize features: you can look at a ton of possible features on a whiteboard, be able to add your own ideas to the mix, and then intelligently choose which one has the highest priority
Dedicated: you are willing to get up at 4am to restart the servers, and then build something the next day so the servers don’t go down again
Personally invested in what you work on: you care personally about the impact of your work on people around the world
An independent thinker: you are able to learn from people around you when you need to, and also challenge them when they need to be challenged
Inquisitive: you naturally think of ways of improving things that you interact with
Creative: you are able to develop new ideas for the product and enhance the vision of the company
Apart from an incredibly fun engineering and product challenge, we offer some nice benefits!

You will get a great salary and stock options. We are looking to hire someone exceptional, and we will be generous with stock options. In addition, you will also get health insurance, any ergonomic chair of your choosing, a laptop with two huge monitors, and a smartphone with monthly bills paid.

The job is based in San Francisco. We will help with visas and other issues relating to re-location.
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