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Web Programmer Needed - No ninjas please, real people only!!

at Keachy in Chicago, IL   —   Jul 11, 2014   |  
We are looking for someone to join our team as an equity partner to help bring our vision to life. We already have a roadmap in place for product release that was formed using agile development methodology, and have been working for roughly 4 months on developing the application. We are very confident in the product’s future, mostly because it absolutely doesn’t exist in any form right now. That being said, because it doesn’t exist, I have a feeling that it’s being developed elsewhere, which is why we’re looking to bring on at least one more person to really take development efforts to the next level.
There are some bullets listed below, but those should only be used as guidelines. The most important thing is that you’re curious and motivated and that you can code. The role that we’re offering isn’t a role in which you’ll be given tasks and you’ll report in once a week. You’re going to wear every single “hat” that we also wear, and we need you to be “scrappy” and to have the same burning desire to get this product out the door and into our customers’ hands. We need you to want to get things done quickly and correctly, no matter what it takes. Our product is a cloud application that will evolve to include mobile application and the like. The one technical area that we really need you to understand is the web.
Previous startup experience is a huge plus, but definitely not required.
HTML, CSS, AJAX, JQuery, YUI, XML, etc.
Python, Ruby, Perl
Database design and optimization in MySQL, SQLAlchemy (or other ORM), or others.
Website architecture (MVC, etc.)
A good understanding of testing and testing frameworks.
Adobe CS5
We are using an MVC framework written in Python and are definitely integrating a ton of AJAX calls throughout the entire app. If I were to pinpoint a few areas that would set the perfect candidate apart from others (re: the technology side, not the business side), I would say that you know python well, you know MVC, and you know Javascript well.
Work Ethic - We don’t care if you have another job; we both do as well. But we work nights, weekends, and whenever we get a chance. We’re not expecting someone to pull the same kind of hours that we do, but do expect a smart teamplayer that is ready to hit the ground running. Something else to note - we don’t have an office. I [Larry] work from home all day in Lakeview (Chicago). It’s a really nice place near the red line belmont stop. I could throw up another desk around here so that you could work (and maybe even provide an extra monitor for you), but in general we wouldn’t be providing a computer. You can bring a laptop over, and use whatever OS you want. Dan uses Windows and Ubuntu. Larry uses OSX and Ubuntu. It doesn’t matter. All that matters is getting things done. While we don’t have an office space, I would like to work together here as much as possible. Interaction amongst us is key to getting decisions made quickly, surviving a pivot as a team, and getting things coded quickly. I have an 8 foot long white board on the wall, tons of sun light (if you’re here during the day) in the place, and tons of coffee any time of the day
We really don't care where you acquired your skills. As long as you have them, know how to use them, and are constantly yearning to learn more.
All things funding can be discussed in person. A couple quick notes here. We are not funded. We are working on a first round of seed funding in the form of capital investments from the current partners. We wouldn’t expect you to be a part of this, but it may be available to you. On the flip side, working without money means no immediate compensation. Now, we are willing to consider a number of options here, all depending on how good you are.
* Deferred compensation (you get paid later based on xyz condition)
* Equity (you give us all your time and get no equity...Happy April Fools ;-)
* Stock Options (once in place, these may be an option, no pun intended)
* A combination of deferred compensation and/or equity and/or options.
If you are offered a partnership role, and you accept for equity only (or whatever the case), if the capital investment round goes through and there is some cash in the bank, we may be able to pay some form of compensation on an hourly basis, especially on a case by case basis where you need to make rent or you need to put food on your table. However, we almost prefer to use that cash for other purposes such as interns or small contractor work for graphics, or server hardware, etc.
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