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Salary100,000-200,000/YR USD
IndustryGames, Entertainment
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$100k+ Ad Sales Director at

at WinMyCoins in San Diego, CA   —   Jul 11, 2014   |  
Be a part of an exciting startup aimed at building a top 100 company to work for, where employee ownership is a key principle.

WinMyCoins is seeking a go-getter to head up the advertising sales dept. The goal it is to bring in advertisers to create virtual coins for our growing number of sweepstakes-seeking-users and coin collectors. Our member base is growing on a daily basis and over 200 members have registered in just three weeks since our website was launched.

Here is a brief synopsis of WinMyCoins:

It is a cash prize sweepstakes with daily chances to win.
Members come to the site and use their daily chances to win virtual coins.
Each virtual coin has a face value.
The coins members win can be cashed out at their face value for real money.

The potential here is to earn a 50% commission on the profit margin coming in when coins are minted. Just call on owners and managers of businesses (local, regional, or national – it makes no difference) and sell them on the benefits of advertising on our site. The more advertising coins minted – the more you make. It’s that simple. As an added bonus, you will continue to receive commissions on repeat customers that create additional coins.

This is a unique way of advertising. By creating coins on our site for members to win, companies will enjoy brand exposure and be able to promote their products, agenda, etc. Each coin contains a company's image or logo, a link back to their site, a description, a fortune, a wish, etc. Advertisers can also send a message to everyone who have won one of their coins. The key selling point is that members will be excited about finding the coins advertisers have created. They will want to find the coins. Coins are collected, traded, cashed out, shared on facebook, etc. It's very positive exposure.

To get potential advertisers on board, we are offering a program where we will create $50 worth of coins on an advertiser's behalf and set up everything they need to advertise on the site. In exchange, we would obtain feedback from the advertisers on the response they've received from the coins and hopefully interest in creating more coins on the site.

As the Ad Sales Director, you could put together a sales team however you desire. You will be reporting directly to the Executives and will have a major influence on the direction of the company.

We are actively seeking Angel Financing and will consider a deferred salary arrangement which pays you when funding occurs. In the interim, uncapped commissions will be issued immediately upon receipt of ad sales you bring in. We are in a hot space and getting traction so getting in early will help you and us.
Demonstrate excellent communication and presentation skills with the ability to sell at all decision-making levels
Be self-motivated, creative, flexible, and adaptable to new situations
Strategically and creatively think in a fast-paced environment
Outgoing personality and ability to build relationships quickly with decision makers
Work with minimal supervision while maintaining focus and productivity to meet goals
Minimum 2 years sales experience or a college degree
No specific education requirements.
$100k+ deferred salary + commission + bonuses.
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