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Funding5M-10M USD
IndustrySoftware, Enterprise
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software engineer

at Asana in San Francisco, CA   —   Jul 18, 2014   |  
At Asana we are building collaborative task and project management software in an effort to re-imagine the way people manage their daily lives. As knowledge workers, we and our loved ones spend most of our time living in programs (email, calendar, document editors, IDEs, etc.) that help us move and manage data. This is your opportunity to make that environment better, faster, and more humane.

We’re working on hard engineering problems in everything from algorithms to programming languages, compilers, databases, web technologies, sync, human-computer interaction, scalability, and systems architecture. We’ve worked on challenging projects in the past, but this one has consistently pushed our intellectual capabilities to the limits. We think this makes it more fun to come to work in the morning, and makes a programmer feel more like a craftsman than a mechanic.

We’re focused on disciplined application of best practices. We want a codebase and an engineering culture that are a joy to work in. Both founders are engineers, and Asana will remain a product/technology-focused company.


Small company with respectful, rational, chill peers. We are as dedicated to building a great culture as we are to building a great product.
Located in the sunny Mission District of San Francisco, CA.
Medical, dental, vision and life insurance coverage.
In-house yoga. As a group, including +1s, or in a 1:1 session with massage options – both with a private instructor (Optional, but pretty awesome.)
Executive/Life Coaching
Organic home-cooked meals twice a day.
Three 30" monitors. Actually, we let you spend up to $10K on your setup, however you think best.
Capable of “great feats of software”
Deriving joy from abstracting and refactoring
Eagerness to roll up your sleeves and tackle the elusive, dirty problems
Sound judgment for balancing between idealism and pragmatism
Deep knowledge of front-end Web technologies
Passion for programming languages, compilers, databases
Experience with functional or declarative programming languages
Interest in both the nitty gritty and the big picture
Interest in both coding and leadership
Have built task managers before out of fun and/or frustration
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